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Listen to the voices.


What do you hear?

Have we been deceived?

Is there hope?


There is always hope

in Jesus Christ!

How very sad that "all that is naturally womanly--especially anything related to childbearing--is treated by elites as something to be managed, minimized, and somehow overcome. Nearly all women still want motherhood, but they have grown up with the idea that it is a trauma that must be 'worked into' a career … A woman's life between ages 10 and 60 has been medicalized and problematized, with a host of products and technologies like birth control and abortion, hormone replacement therapy, and cosmetic surgery being offered to ward off or manage what is natural." Is there hope?

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead

"What kind of future do I have? It's all rather depressing to think about. After going to college, I'm expected to have a career. But if I go to grad school, I won't be finished until I'm 30. Then I'll need to work, get established, and pay off debt. The clock will be ticking and by age 35 I may have fertility problems. If I do have children, how can I leave my job? I don't like the idea of day care, but will I have a choice? And marriage... what do I do about that? Where do I find the 'right guy?' What does he look like? And who can I trust? How many other women will he have been with before me? Maybe it's just easier not to get married at all. Maybe I could just be inseminated. Just thinking about all of this makes me more depressed. Is there hope?" 

High school senior

"I was still in high school when my dad encouraged me to date Jack who was in his early twenties. After all, he was a Christian. At first, I was flattered by his attention and enamored by the sophisticated night life. It all happened very quickly. I was pregnant. He didn't want to be a father. My dad said an abortion would be best. I've never been sure if he was thinking of my best interests or his reputation. Everything changed after that. Believing that I had made the unforgiveable choice, I let myself be pulled into drinking and drugs. Then I was pregnant again. I'd already had one abortion. What did it matter if I had another? The father of my second child agreed the abortion was best, but he didn't abandon me. We later married. Today, we are the parents of three living children. I love them dearly. But in looking at them, I think about the babies I never knew. I know God has forgiven me, but I can't forgive myself. Is there hope?


Do we listen to the world...

or to God the Creator of our bodies and souls?


  • Men are idiots.

  • Men are aggressive and manipulative.

  • Manliness is defined by sexual prowess.

  • Children are just proof of manhood.

  • Men should think and feel like women.

  • A male/father role model is not necessary in the home.


  • Men are stewards of God's creation.

  • Men are responsible for remembering and using the Word of God to bring order out of the chaos of sin.

  • It is not good for man to be alone; he needs a helper.

  • Men defend women and children.

  • Husbands love their wives as Jesus loves the Church ("lays down His life").


  • Men and women are equal; therefore, they are the same and interchangeable.

  • Abortion evens out the playing field with men.

  • I can do it all!

  • Being just a homemaker is demeaning.

  • I can always have children someday when I'm ready.

  • Submission of a wife to her husband is degrading and burdensome.


  • Men and women are created equal, but not the same.

  • Women "help" men to the glory of God.

  • Life comes from God through women.

  • A woman makes a home; the vocation of motherhood influences generations.

  • Women raise or lower standards for men; connect (or disconnect) men from children.

  • Loving God first, a woman is not deceived.

  • A wife's submission is to Christ Jesus.


  • It's my body, my choice.

  • I can trust my feelings and am truly free without boundaries.

  • All forms of sexual expression are normal and right.

  • Modesty is for prudes.


  • "You are not your own (1 Cor. 6:19-20); "you are called to be holy (1 Pt. 1:14-16).

  • Let "no one take you captive" to worldly philosophy and empty deceit" (Col. 2:6-7).

  • Modesty is prudent, turns eyes away from self, respects others.


  • Sex is for any two people who love each other.

  • We can define marriage for ourselves.

  • Patriarchy is lordship over women and children.

  • A family is any group of people who love each other.

  • Husbands and fathers are replaceable by the government.

  • "Experts" are more qualified to teach children than parents.


  • God created the institution of marriage for the good of children and society.

  • Sex is the procreative act designed by God: God + 1 man + 1 woman = new life and family.

  • Patriarchy is leadership with a servant's heart for the good of others.

  • Male (father) & female (mother) are equipped by The Word to mentor & model distinct roles of manhood and womanhood.


  • Too many children drain society.

  • Children are "sexual from birth" and should be free to experience pleasure (Alfred Kinsey)

  • A child is valuable if convenient and wanted.

  • Abortion is a sacrifice I have to make for myself.

  • Children are for our pleasure.

  • Boys and girls don't need a married daddy and mommy.


  • Children are a heritage from the Lord (Ps. 127:3).

  • Children are not "sexual from birth," but to have their innocence guarded; walls up, gates closed.

  • Boy and girls are to be instructed in holiness by parents, not educated in "sexual identity" by the world.

  • Children are a future and a hope; "Whoever welcomes a child in My name welcomes Me" (Jesus, Mk. 10:14).

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