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We've Been There

Women Respond to Titus 2-4 Life: 

"I had years of abstinence education in my Christian school. It was just more talking about sex on top of all the rest of the sex talk from movies, magazines, and the internet. Now I'm in college wondering why I've never learned about my whole person--my body, mind and soul."


"I hear some people say that if we would just be more comfortable with our sexuality, things might be like they were in the Garden. But we're not in the Garden anymore. Thank you for explaining that God uses feelings of  embarrassment or even shame for our protection in a fallen world." 


"Before this retreat, no one had ever told me that being a wife, homemaker, and mom are vocations in life that influence society in profound ways."

"I was particularly blessed by our discussion of the wise and foolish women. Your resources draw me back into God's Word."

"Thank you for challenging me ... women can do almost anything, but the right question is: Should we?"

"You helped me understand my identity as a daughter and heir of God through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. What a contrast to the sexualized identity of the world."

"I never understood the strained relationship between my mother and me. Only recently, in my 60s, did I learn that my mother had planned to abort me."

"I came to the retreat because

I knew you were going to speak about biblical womanhood. If I'd known that abortion would be discussed, I would never have come. But when you shared the story of your friend who received hope and healing after her abortion, I heard words of welcome. That is why I asked to speak to you privately and confess my abortions. For too long I have felt separated from God by sins I thought were unforgiveable. Thanks be to Jesus Christ for His merciful love and forgiveness."

"I've always resented being called a 'helper' because it seemed demeaning... until this weekend."

"Most enlightening to me was the verse from Psalm 144 that encourages our daughters to be 'pillars.' Without them, how can the 'house' stand?"

"I appreciate what you had to say to single women and women without children--that we, too, make a home where relationships can be nurtured."

"I never realized I was in need of healing from the philosophies of godless people."

"Our young women need to hear that their behavior encourages godly men … I value the thoughtful way you used God's Word without lecturing." 

"For most of my life, I've been told that being 'equal' means being 'the same.'  This retreat stirred some anger, but God's Word has a way of comforting after deception is exposed."

Titus 2-4 Life published The Failure of Sex Education in the Church: Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity after listening to women of all ages at T2 Retreats. Here's what some of those women had to say ~

Where in the World

Have We Been?



  • Lesterville, SD-retreat

  • St. Louis Sem - Healing Hearts

  • Lincoln, NE - Healing Hearts

  • Marshalltown, IA - HH

  • Conover, NC - retreat

  • Omaha, NE - LFL Conf.

  • DePere, MO - retreat


  • Okoboji, IA., clergy wives

  • Macomb, MI - retreat

  • Elk River, MN - retreat

  • LFL Life Center, IA

  • Mallard, IA - retreat

  • Waukesha, WI - retreat

  • Linda’s home - retreat


  • Iowa Falls, IA - Lifestyle show

  • Whittemore, IA - retreat

  • Linda’s Home, LFL leaders

  • Lombard, IL - Lifestyle show

  • Waverly, IA - retreat

  • Emmetsburg, IA - retreat

  • Aurora, NE.,LWML retreat

  • Omaha, NE - retreat

  • Edmund, OK - Lifestyle show

  • East Troy, WI - retreat

  • West Bend, IA - Lifestyle show


  • Apache Junction, AZ - MOPS

  • Tucson, AZ - teens/parents

  • Burr Ridge, IL - Lifestyle show

  • Fort Wayne, IN-retreat

  • Macomb, MI - retreat

  • Macomb, MI - Lifestyle show

  • Davenport, IA - Lifestyle show

  • Denison, IA - Lifestyle show

  • Mattoon, IL - Lifestyle Show

  • Chicago, IL - Lifestyle Show

  • Cedar Rapids, IA - train retreat


  • Tucson, AZ - teens/parents

  • Grand Rapids, MI., school

  • Grand Rapids, MI - Lifestyle

  • Kalispell, MT - training retreat

  • Billings, MT - training retreat

  • Thermopolis, WY - retreat

  • Boone, IA - Lifestyle show

  • Hiawatha, IA - Lifestyle show

  • LFL National Conference

  • Belvidere, IL - Lifestyle Show

  • Zimmermann, MN - retreat

  • Concordia U, Mequon - retreat

  • Chaska, MN - retreat

  • Alexandria, VA., school

  • Warrenton, VA - retreat

  • Falls Church, VA

  • Arlington, VA. school

  • Humboldt, IA - retreat

  • Mallard, IA - retreat


  • Yankton, SD - Lifestyle Show

  • Norfolk, NE - Lifestyle Show

  • Iowa Falls, IA - Lifestyle Show

  • Waterloo, IA - Lifestyle Show

  • Glenwood, IA - Lifestyle Show

  • LFL  “Alaska Cruise 4 Life

  • Great Falls, MT- clergy wives

  • Thermopolis, WY - retreat

  • Aurora, NE - clergy wives

  • Elmhurst, IL - retreat

  • Elmhurst, IL - Lifestyle show



  • Fort Wayne, IN - retreat

  • Bloomington, MN 

  • Chaska, MN - retreat

  • National LFL Conference

  • Council Bluffs, IA
    (retreat & Christ Academy)

  • Linda’s home - T2 training



  • Fort Wayne, IN., sem wives

  • Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Norfolk, NE

  • Linda’s home


  • Phoenix, AZ - MOPS

  • Linda's home - CPC volunteers

  • Wausau, WI - retreat

  • Dayton, IA - retreat


  • Okoboji, IA. IA West LWML

  • Columbia, MO - retreat

  • Waterloo, IA 

  • Thermopolis, WY - retreat


  • Waverly, IA., LWML

  • Effingham, IL., Family Life Ctr.
    (retreat & men's session)

  • St. Louis, MO - retreat

  • LFL National Conference - Bk.

  • Norfolk, NE
    (retreat & men's session)

  • Waterloo, IA., 40 Days for Life

    For God has not
    called us
    for impurity,

    but in holiness
    Therefore whoever
    disregards this,
    disregards not
    man but God,
    who gives his
    Holy Spirit 
    to you.



  • Ida Grove, IA 
    (Book w/pastors' panel)

  • Sioux Falls, SD (same)

  • Mitchell, SD (same)

  • Pierre, SD (same)

  • Rapid City, SD (same)

  • Hiawatha, IA (same)

  • Creston, IA (same)

  • Iowa Falls, IA (same)

  • Linda's home - retreat


  • Billings, MT
    (Book w/pastors' panel)

  • Missoula, MT (same)

  • Kalispell, MT (same)

  • Norfolk, NE (same)

  • St. Louis, MO (same)


  • Effingham, IL., book 2 pastors

  • Altamont, IL
    (Book w/pastors' panel)

  • Effingham, IL., Family Life Ctr.

  • Grand Rapids, MI
    (Book w/pastors' panel)

  • Saginaw, MI (same)  

  • Macomb, MI (same)


  • Denver, CO 
    (Book w/pastors' panel)

  • Cheyenne WY (same)


  • Casper, WY
    Wyoming Pastors' Network
    (Book w/pastors' panel)


Identity matters. Through our Baptism, we became children of God in Christ Jesus, called to live
as His sons and daughters. The Apostle Paul exhorts us to be
"a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the Master of the house, ready for every good work"

                2 TIMOTHY 2:21

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